My Red Book

My first few season on the Zephyrus I used a Red book for people to add comments and remarks of their adventure. Before Facebook and twitter the following are annotations from My Red Book.

July 24, 2010


•THANK YOU so much for sending me this incredible video – I had no idea that you were even taking it!! Arriving on the boat was such an amazing experience and being able to relive it over and over by watching the video this week has been AWESOME!! My guests thought you and your boat were absolutely fantastic and are still raving about it. I have many photos and once I have some time to sort through all of them and format them to be able to email, I will be sure to send you some! The photos you sent are also lovely and taken from a perspective that no one else was able to do. Thank you so much for decorating the boat and for providing such a lovely experience for everyone. I wish you all the success with your business and hope that your video on youtube will draw more brides.

•All the best and I hope you enjoy the rest of your summer in beautiful Hampton and on the river!!

August 22, 2009


•I wanted to send a HUGE thank you from all the guys on Saturday’s adventure. We had

a GREAT time out on the river and will definitely be back.


August 18, 2009


•I enjoyed last year’s trip so much that I came back again this year.

We had a beautiful morning out and enjoyed fishing as well as the

pleasure of spotting some wildlife – bald eagles, herons, families of

ducks, the osprey nest, red-winged blackbirds and a fair-sized little

animal that ran along the bank and then swam across the river……..

what was it? We had a great discussion about all the possibilities.

Thanks again, Captain Zelda! See you again very soon.


Ruth (Ottawa)


July 23, 2009


•Just wanted to thank you again for a wonderfull day, I was there with Stephanie and

her familly, and really really enjoyed my day, keep up the good work.

Sonya Sullivan

June 21, 2009


•We all had a great time on Sunday and I was looking at the photos on your blog.

Jonathan thought it was maybe his coolest birthday party ever. Would you believe

those boys who said they were freezing when the got out of the water still wanted

ice cream at Kredl’s on the way home??


Thanks for being such a great sport and making sure we all had a good time – I know

it was challenging getting the Zephyrus around in the wind!


August 22, 2008


•Hello Zelda: It was a pleasure to meet you and to enjoy 3 hours of perfect peace and

quiet. I need to do the river cruise again. What a wonderful way to get away from it

all and enjoy God’s creation. Verna (Kings County)



August, 16, 2008


•What a smooth trip! It was so calm and peaceful on the river – a real tonic. We shared some quiet conversation and spotted a number of birds I hadn’t seen in a long time.



Zelda taught me how to fish, and I caught a small-mouthed bass and a perch!

Ruth (Ottawa)

July 5, 2008


•This was a very relaxing boat trip for Shawn’s b-day. Thanks Erika & Kim (Saint John)

July 4, 2008


•We had a very enjoyable boat trip. Zelda was very informative and friendly. Don & Beth (Alberta)

•Nice Boat ride. Good History about several places. Captain Zelda did a great job. Mary & Bob (Saint John)

July 2, 2008


•An exceedingly joyful trip under the incomparable hosting of the friendly Zelda. Bon Chance Chester, Anne, Mike and Holly.

June 10,2008


•A real nice trip Zelda, I enjoyed it very much. Beautiful scenery. Wish lots of success in your venture. Hope to be back again in the “FALL” Thank you, Ken Roach

May 28, 2008 Hampoton N.O.W.


•Thanks so much Zelda – I’ve always wanted to be on the water again. Very relaxing. Will tell everyone about this! Good Luck with the whole adventure! Barbara

•Great Experience. Slow & Leisurely, It is destined for Success!! Pat Lockhart

•Wonderful Trip!! All the Best! Cathie Insley :-)

•A lovely day with lovely women! So proud to be on the maiden voyage of the yet to me named boat. Thank you Zelda for helping make our 3rd anniversary celebration so special! Paige Danaher.

•Zelda, It was a great trip. Thanks for all of the fun. It is a great view of Hampton. Maybe I’ll catch a fish next time. Thanks, Becky Consolvo.

•Zelda, Thanks for a wonderful time. Wishing you every success in the future. Heather (Farmer Brown)