Zelda’s journey to entrepreneurship has been an adventure in itself. Zelda established the company in 2006. Zelda’s River Adventures Ltd., is New Brunswick’s first eco-friendly, electrically powered, disability accessible, 260 square foot pontoon boat called the “Zephyrus”. Goddess of the gentle west wind. Regulated by Transport Canada Marine, the boat is allowed to have 12 passengers. The tours depart from the floating dock at the Lighthouse River Center in Hampton daily. Adventures are offered In Season-July & August, -seven days a week. Off Season-June, September & October sunset times vary. All ages and abilities are welcome.
Zelda_0334Join Zelda at the Lighthouse River Center in the heart of Hampton.

Town of Hampton

Lighthouse River Center

The Lighthouse River Center grounds boast many interpretive signs, ranging in topic from the history of Hampton to it’s natural wonder’s and everything in between. Also one of Stonehammers UNESCO GeoPark sites where Zelda is a Direct Operator of the park.