The Zephyrus
The Zephyrus

Goddess of the gentle west wind
We have designed our pontoon boat to exceed every safety standard and to be fully disability accessible.
The “Boat” is powered by two electric motors and a comprehensive Industrial “Battery Pack” made locally in Spring Hill NS *. The silence is surreal by times and we don’t generate any emission ourselves. We also have a 50hp Yamaha kicker capable of 20mph in case of emergency.
Be prepared for lots of room to move around 260 square feet! A half roof to shelter in if it clouds over and a half deck for those sun seekers. Don’t forget the swim ladder or the fishing gear for those that enjoy a little more activity.
The pontoons are oversize and multi chambered. The cross members are 1” X 3” X 1/4“ C-Channels placed at 16” centres rather than the standard 1/8” X 1” x 3” with 24” centres.

The tounge an groove aluminum deck has room for walkers and wheelchairs. The oversize pontoons and extra width of (10 feet rather than 8) of the boat result in an extremely stable platform.
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