StoneHammer/Indigenous Experience


Your StoneHammer UNESCO experience begins as you enter the sight of the Lighthouse River Centre, allow yourself a little time to view the interpretive signs before you board the Zephyrus.  After you disembark from your two hour historical adventure on the Zephyrus you will then make your way to the base of Frost Mountain, this is for the nimble of foot only… this hiking excursion begins along an old logging road and then becomes an intermediate trail leading to the top of a volcanic rock that the locals call Frost Mountain.

This is still a work in progress it is also to include a medicine walk up the mountain with a drumming at the top.  Talks are in progress with the Indigenous people in the area.

The view from the peak is spectacular and you can get an idea of this from Zelda’s signature photo.  This adventure definitely calls for a camera or a phone to capture the beauty. It is truly breathtaking. This mountain is not accessible without permission.


Across the marsh from Frost Mountain you will see the Hampton Golf Club which is your next destination.  Offering Hampton’s next-best view, the Hampton Golf Club, Order your favorite beverage from the licensed Grass Roots Grill, venture out onto the patio to enjoy the view at the end of your adventure.


Bring your own water bottle and be a part of sustainability.

Food allergies a concern, please email
Corporate rates for full capacity of 12

My passion is the Kennebecasis River. I help people reconnect with those that matter two hours at a time. Enjoy the beauty of the area on this slow moving twisting tidal water river. I have stories to share and love it when people catch fish too. Come aboard the Zephyrus and engage you senses with.

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